Formed in the late summer of 2011, four-time Fox 8 Hotlist winner, 2019 and 2020 winner of the Beacons Best, Buck Naked Band has rocked bars all over Northeast Ohio.  Known for drawing large crowds, treating fans as part of the band, and "holler'n and swaller'n" good times, BNB combines modern country, rock and roll, and some funk for an experience that fans can't seem to get enough of.  


A mainstay in Northeast Ohio, Buck Naked has paved the way for Modern country to become one of the most popular choices for live music.  The Band has recently begun tracking their original songs for their debut album and is ready to share their version of Country with music lovers everywhere.



Kevin is the face of Buck Naked Band.  As one of the founding members of the band, he helped forge a group that remains as tight as a family.  His Northeast Ohio origins are evident on stage, but his own family's small town roots shine through in his voice and song writing, which he is hopeful will become well known in the near future.


Whether singing leads,  backup, or playing the drums, Kevin always puts on a performance that leaves folks talkin'.






Arene is a Tallmadge born and raised country music lovin' mom, teacher, and singer.  She sang her way into the hearts of the band members, making her the sole female voice of Buck Naked. 


Arene appreciates other generes of music as well, having been the co-lead singer of Beyond Blue and the Voodoo Doctors.  Blues and classic rock were the mainstays of her musical career prior to BNB, but her heart always remains with country music.  



Born and raised in rural Ohio, Chris spent his early childhood listening to his Mom and Dad's country and western records.  He started playing guitar at 14 years old, then hit the bar scene soon after graduating high school.  Chris honed his six string and pedal steel guitar skills by performing with original and cover bands on the local circuit, playing with national acts and freelancing on dozens of studio recording sessions.


Being a huge fan of country music, Chris is right at home adding his country flavor and twangy guitar presence to the mix with BNB.

Steve Hylton
Dave Hillyer 
Jeff Curenton
Bob Herro
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